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The actor in leading role of Taiwanese idol drama In Time with You (I May Not Love You), Bolin Chen (陳柏霖) is singing a side track insert song for the In Time with You OST (original sound track). The song title is “I Will Not Like You” or “I Won’t Like You” (我不會喜歡你), or in Pinyin, Wo Bu Hui Xi Huan Ni. The song title is also been translated (but wrongfully) as ” I Won’t Fall in Love with You,” “I Might Not Love You,” or “I Refuse to Like You.”

I Will Not Like You is one of the original soundtrack (OST) for In Time with You which is released on October 18, 2011. The song lyric is written by the drama screenplay writer Xu Yu Ting (徐譽庭) specially tailor-made for the lead character Li Da Ren. The lyric shows the emotional pull that is hidden inside the heart of Li Da Ren. The song is just like an annotation for the whole drama, and also let people felt the faint ache that has no room to advance or to retreat. The song is composed by Bo-Lin Chen and Biung Tak-Banuaz (王宏恩).

In Time with You OST Track List

  1. Still Will (還是會) – Weibird (William) Wei
  2. Wings (翅膀) – by Ariel Lin
  3. I Will Not Like You (我不會喜歡你) – Instrumental
  4. Still will (還是會) – Instrumental
  5. Starting Now (現在開始) – Biung Tak-Banuaz
  6. Friend of Ordinary Friend (普通朋友的朋友) – Emerson Tsai
  7. Stand on Tiptoe Love (踮起腳尖愛) – Hong Pei Yu
  8. Wings (翅膀) – Instrumental)
  9. I Won’t Like You (我不會喜歡你) – Bolin Chen
  10. Revolving Door (旋轉門) – Aggie

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In Time with You

I Will Not Like You (我不會喜歡你) Lyric

我想我應該 應該不會愛你
為了要努力 努力的不愛你
所以我讓 自己那麼喜歡你
這樣你就不忍心 和我分離

我想我討厭 討厭驕傲的你
也討厭美好 美好的那個你
於是我要 自己假裝討厭你
那麼你就捨不得 離我而去

我必須說 我真的 不會喜歡你 
我不喜歡 你佔據我 所有思緒
連你的竊笑 也像是鼓勵
從早安後的早餐 到晚餐後的晚安
別笑了 別笑了 我不會喜歡你

我放空了 我解脫了 你還是在我的眼裡
我喜歡了 我討厭了 影響不了我的呼吸
原來我 已經無法自拔 我秘密的愛上你

你不必懂 我真的 不會喜歡你
我不想要 你因為我 變得消極
有你的城市 下雨也美麗
從黎明後的太陽 到深夜裡的月光

別想了 別想了 我不會喜歡你
別想了 別想了 我不會喜歡你

I Won’t Like You (我不會喜歡你) Lyric English Translation

I think I should be not loving you
In order to strive, trying hard not to love you
So I let myself love you so much
Being like this then you don’t have the heart to separate with me

I think I hate, hate you who are arrogant
Also hate the wonderful, wonderful you
So I want, to personally pretend to hate you
So you will not have the heart to leave me

I must say, I really, do not like you
I do not like, you occupy all my thought
Even your snicker is like an encouragement
From after good morning to breakfast, to good night after dinner
Do not laugh, do not laugh, I will not like you

I am freed, I am liberating, you’re still in my eyes
I like it, I hate it, does not affect my breathing
Actually I unable to extricate myself, I’m secretly falling in love with you

You do not have to understand, I really will not like you
I do not want you to become passive because of me
The city with you, even raining is also beautiful
From the sun after dawn, to the moonlight late at night

Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, I will not like you
Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, I will not like you