Moon and Stars for You

I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon

I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon

Drama Title: I’ll Give You The Stars and The Moon
Korean Title: 별도 달도 따줄게
Romanization: Byeoldo Daldo Ddajoolge
Also Known As: Moon and Stars For You
Chinese Name: 星星和月亮都摘給你
Japanese Name: 星も月も君に
Genre: Family
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 7 May 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:25 PM

Preceded By: My One and Only
Followed By:

Plot Summary / Synopsis

Family is like a haven to us. We love them even to pick the stars and the moon for them. In this drama, a family, whose members are all scattered away due to the conflicts, comes to realize that it’s each other that will best protect them from hardships.

Seo Jin Woo is a surgeon who has a trauma from his younger days that causes surgery phobia, Han Chae Won works in food research and deeply in love of Jin Woo, and the ambitious Kyung Joo who abandoned Jin Woo to choose Min Hyuk. Together, they depicts the story of love and hate.


Jo Dong Hyuk (조동혁) as Seo Jin Woo (서진우)
Seo Ji Hye (서지혜) as Han Chae Won (한채원)
Ko Se Won (고세원) as Han Min Hyuk (한민혁)
Moon Bo Ryung (문보령) as Cha Gyung Joo (차경주)
Kim Young Chul (김영철) as Seo Man Ho (서만호)
Ban Hyo Jung (반효정) as Kang Pil Soon (강필순)
Kim Dong Yoon (김동윤) as Seo Jin Goo (서진구)
Lim Ji Eun (임지은) as Park Na Rae (박나래)
Hae Geum (해금) as Seo Jin Hee (서진희)
Lee Joo Yeon (이주연) as Seo Ji Na (서지나)
Lee Hyo Jung (이효정) as Han Jeong Hoon (한정훈)
Lee Hye Sook (이혜숙) as Oh Yeong Seon (오영선)
Hong Il Kwon (홍일권) as Oh Yeong Taek (오영택)
Moon Hee Kyung (문희경) as Ko Mi Ja (고미자)
Kwon Nam Hee (권남희) as Head Nurse (수간호사)
Won Mi Won (원미원) as Grandmother Gablye (갑례 할머니)
Son Young Soon (손영순) as Grandmother Ippeun (이쁜 할머니)
Kim Kyung Ran (김경란) as Grandmother Aeja (애자 할머니)
Kim Kyung Ae (김경애) as Grandmother Gisaeng (기생 할머니)
Kim Do Yeon (김도연) as Oh Bang Sook (오방숙)
Lee Jae Yeon (이재연) as Team Leader Jung (정팀장)
Lee Hye Geun (이혜근) as Chief of Marketing Department Ko (고주임)
Jang Joon Hak (장준학) as Ahn Jae Sung (안재성)
Kang Min Jung (강민정) as No Yoo Mi (노유미)

Production Credits

Director: Jeon Sung Hong (정성홍)
ScriptWriter: Hong Young Hee (홍영희)

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

Date Episode Nationwide (TNS) Seoul (TNS) Nationwide (AGB) Seoul (AGB)
7 May 2012 1
8 May 2012 2

Source: AGB Nielson and TNmS

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