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Just You / My One and Only

Drama Title: My One And Only
Korean Title: 당신 뿐이야
Romanization Pronunciation: Dang-sin Bboon-i-ya / Dangshinbbunyiya
Also Known As: Just You / Only You
Chinese Name: 只有你
Japanese Name: オンリーユー
Genre: Family
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 7 November 2011 – 4 May 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday – Friday 8:25 PM

Preceded By: My Bittersweet Life
Followed By:

Plot Summary

A drama tells the story of conflict and reconciliation between family members through love between Ki Woon Chan, a high school-graduate struggling to find a job and Na Moo Goong Hwa, the only daughter of a wealthy and privileged family.


Absolutely positive, Gi Wunchan. He leaves home to work and earn money for his college tuition. Gi Wunchan meets Na Mugunghwa whose father is the CEO of Mirae Construction! Mugunghwa shocks her family by dropping out of college. And her father, who couldn’t tolerate the fact that his daughter is a college dropout, forces Mugunghwa to work in his company. This perfect girl is missing of worries. All the people around her are talented and successful! Whatever she wants, she doesn’t have to try and all she needs to do is relying on them; Han Seojun is one of these people. He is the perfect man for Gunghwa’s fiancé. However, she meets this absurd guy, Wunchan and gradually gets drawn to him who has nothing but courage and keeps moving forwards in life. Mugunghwa has been raised like a pretty flower in a greenhouse but are not afraid to go outside and explore the new world! Will she be able to survive and blossom into a mature woman?


A ugly duckling in a disrupted family becomes a powerful swan and rises to the sky.

This is the story of a high school graduate who belongs to the so-called “88 thousand won-generation” who build successful momentum in his life.

We are living in a period of a nosediving birth rate, soaring suicide rate and happiness index at the bottom, which make us sigh with despair and grief.

The younger generations are losing their hope and ambition and going so far as to lose zest in life. If nothing changes, “unhappiness” might be the icon of the Republic of Korea. Our protagonist Gi Wun-chan takes the lead to distribute a happiness “virus” across the nation in the crisis.

In this program, Gi, a ugly duckling who has only his healthy body and sound spirit, struggles to reconcile with family members and runs to realize his dream with dogged perseverance. He will prove love is stronger than blood and physical efforts are more powerful than background.

Let’s be absorbed in a story featuring his struggles, full of vicissitudes, which are aimed at showing life is worth living as our sweat and effort pay off regardless of money, educational background and family background.

This program was planned to search for happiness for the Republic of Korea through overcoming conflict between generations and classes. It tells us reconciliation through careful concern and cooperation is the only solution for preventing misfortune to be aroused by family nuclearization, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and materialism.

A young housewife offended a grandmother when she touched her child and a grandfather was insulted by teenagers whom he advised to quit smoking in a public place. The latest accidents show the seriousness of the communication gap between generations in our society. Extreme egoism that neglects public order and rules of etiquette is prevalent in society.

The beaten parents might be my parents and the beating youth might be my children. In contemporary society, where the “sense of us” has disappeared in the midst of the extreme low birth rate and warlike educational background, finding a method for solving rifts between generations and classes is the most urgently-needed task.

This drama features conflicts between members within a family and confrontations between the common people and the privileged and proposes kind consideration, cooperation and conciliation, which are virtues of a great family, as a key to abolish conflicts in our society.

Family is the most beautiful present in the world and the highest blessing in one’s life.

Family is an aggregation of conflicts and harmony crystals. Parental love is the center of the family.

The success of a family drama depends upon how vividly conflicts within a family are expressed. In this drama, bad relations between the family of Gi Wun-chan and Na Mu-gunghwa serves as the pivotal plot. Stories involving the two families and in-laws, including rift between in-laws, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, son-in-law and mother-in-law, sister-in-law and the wife of one’s brother, the elder son and younger sons and conflict between sisters (working mom and gold miss) are being described vividly.

This drama gives us an opportunity for considering a desirable family model in this rapidly changing period as well as conflict between maternity of different generations and the changing of maternity and the role of paternity.


Suh Joon Young (서준영) as Ki Woon Chan (기운찬)
Han Hye Rin (한혜린) as Na Moo Goong Hwa
Park Jung Ah (박정아) as Cha Do Hee (차도희)
Seo Do Young (서도영) as Han Seo Joon
Ryu Seung Soo (류승수) as Ki Ga Chan (기가찬)
Moon Jung Hee (문정희) as Cha Do Young (차도영)
Bang Joong Hyeon (방중현) as Ki Dong Chan (기동찬)
Kim Yoon Kyeong (김윤경) as Oh Hyeon Jeong (오현정)
Jung Han Yong (정한용) as Ki Boo Nam (기부남)
Jung Ae Ri (정애리) as Oh Bong Ja (오봉자)
Sa Mi Ja (사미자) as Ahn So Nyeo (안소녀)
Kim Min Hee (김민희) as Ki Bok Chan (기복찬)
Kim Dan Yool (김단율) as Ki Joon (기준)
Dok Go Yeong Jae (독고영재) as Na Yeong Ik (나영익)
Lee Bo Hee (이보희) as Lee Seon Yeong (이선영)
Park In Hwan (박인환) as Lee Pil Ryong (이필룡)
Kim Hye Ok (김혜옥) as Hong In Sook (홍인숙)
Kim Jin Seo (김진서) as Yoon Gwang Ho (윤광호)
Kim Hwan Hee (김환희) as Yoon I-rang (윤이랑)
Ahn Seong Hoon (안성훈) as Yoon Geu-rang (윤그랑)

Production Credits

Director: Jin Hyeong Wook (진형욱)
Screenwriter: Choi Min Gi (최민기)

Viewership Ratings

DateEpisodeNationwide (TNS)Seoul (TNS)Nationwide (AGB)Seoul (AGB)
7 November 2011118.816.217.918.4
8 November 2011220.318.118.818.1
9 November 2011317.815.116.616.1
10 November 2011418.214.617.217.0
11 November 2011517.013.516.716.2
14 November 2011618.315.517.917.3
15 November 2011718.615.616.615.2
16 November 2011817.515.216.415.9
17 November 2011919.416.018.117.5
18 November 20111017.815.215.714.7
21 November 20111120.918.220.119.5
22 November 20111222.418.820.819.7
23 November 20111321.620.519.919.1
24 November 20111421.618.721.622.0
25 November 20111520.317.717.917.6
28 November 20111622.619.722.922.7
29 November 20111723.623.221.020.0
30 November 20111821.920.420.520.2
1 December 20111920.619.921.421.3
2 December 20112022.020.920.719.7
5 December 20112123.120.520.619.7
6 December 20112223.421.320.420.3
7 December 20112322.821.718.918.4
8 December 20112421.319.120.621.2
9 December 20112521.518.719.418.7
12 December 20112623.121.323.523.2
13 December 20112724.121.821.221.2
14 December 20112823.121.420.420.0
15 December 20112924.722.821.722.2
16 December 20113022.620.420.619.1
20 December 20113122.821.220.719.9
21 December 20113221.419.119.720.1
22 December 20113323.
23 December 20113421.218.519.217.6
26 December 20113521.918.922.822.1
27 December 20113622.020.121.420.2
28 December 20113721.519.520.619.1
29 December 20113821.519.021.520.9
30 December 20113920.218.719.519.4
2 January 20124021.518.422.820.5
3 January 20124123.720.723.921.8
4 January 20124222.521.522.120.0
5 January 20124323.421.323.121.7
6 January 20124422.819.822.820.8
9 January 20124523.319.824.022.2
10 January 20124623.620.823.922.6
11 January 20124722.720.721.519.8
12 January 20124824.121.923.522.5
13 January 20124920.918.022.320.0
16 January 20125023.320.723.220.7
17 January 20125123.319.624.022.2
18 January 20125222.924.922.020.8
19 January 20125322.419.522.721.2
20 January 20125420.517.721.720.2
23 January 20125515.812.716.215.6
24 January 20125619.015.921.019.6
25 January 20125722.419.122.420.5
26 January 20125822.
27 January 20125920.918.522.522.1
27 January 20125920.918.522.522.1
30 January 20126021.218.724.824.0
31 January 20126122.218.322.922.1
1 February 20126222.718.622.321.1
2 February 20126323.718.422.620.6
3 February 20126422.116.020.818.7
6 February 20126522.218.223.722.4
7 February 20126625.021.223.421.9
8 February 20126722.117.822.321.4
9 February 20126824.220.722.421.1
10 February 20126922.721.722.621.3
13 February 20127022.419.222.821.6
14 February 20127124.721.922.020.2
15 February 20127224.221.321.419.6
16 February 20127323.620.421.320.6
17 February 20127423.117.920.818.9
20 February 20127522.517.722.220.5
21 February 20127624.921.422.221.9
22 February 20127721.717.621.419.8
23 February 20127822.217.921.820.2
24 February 20127921.917.819.817.9
27 February 20128022.919.821.419.3
28 February 20128123.618.822.220.8
29 February 20128222.618.520.220.8
1 March 20128322.217.921.219.8
2 March 20128423.119.422.721.7
5 March 20128523.919.722.822.1
6 March 20128623.218.723.322.8
7 March 20128721.217.319.118.3
8 March 20128823.020.521.720.1
9 March 20128921.116.520.919.9
12 March 20129023.
13 March 20129123.518.423.021.9
14 March 20129221.618.819.617.9
15 March 20129323.519.522.822.1
16 March 20129424.321.022.620.5
19 March 20129525.020.922.521.2
20 March 20129624.720.124.122.6
21 March 20129722.117.520.418.9
22 March 20129825.523.222.921.3
23 March 20129923.520.721.520.1
26 March 201210025.723.022.521.2
27 March 201210123.319.421.921.0
28 March 201210223.320.720.519.2
29 March 201210324.721.921.920.7
30 March 201210424.119.921.219.0
2 April 201210525.020.322.120.5
3 April 201210625.523.122.520.3
4 April 201210721.919.020.719.0
5 April 201210824.121.821.319.6
6 April 201210923.819.819.617.7
9 April 201211025.221.822.421.1
10 April 201211125.121.322.421.4
12 April 201211221.918.520.519.3
13 April 201211322.018.320.218.9
16 April 201211425.621.121.820.0
17 April 201211524.419.821.419.6
18 April 201211623.319.520.218.8
19 April 201211724.420.920.818.8
20 April 201211823.620.919.918.2
23 April 201211924.621.021.419.5
24 April 201212024.520.721.319.7
25 April 201212125.
26 April 201212224.119.620.618.9
27 April 201212324.822.920.719.2
30 April 201212423.217.022.520.7
1 May 201212525.121.422.120.4
2 May 201212623.420.319.917.9
3 May 201212724.422.822.421.4
4 May 201212823.822.120.718.6

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