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In Time with You Singapore Filming Interview Video Clips

The casts and crews of “In Time With You” idol drama has went to Singapore for location shooting on August 18th, 2011. At Singapore, the team held a press conference at Marina Bay Sands on August 19th, 2011 to kick off its first wave of publicity.

During the press conference, aside from lead actors Ariel Lin, Chen Bolin, Sunny Wang and Andrea Chen Kuang-yi, guests stars who made special cameo appearance in the drama, Joanne Tseng, former MediaCorp actress Jessica Liu and Malaysian singer Fang Jiong Bin were also present.

In interview, director said he had traveled to Guam, Hong Kong and China, but finally decided on Singapore, as Singapore gives him a warm and passionate feeling, and a very modern feel. The product team also revealed that every time direct shot a scene, he would look at the screen and exclaimed “Singapore is so beautiful! We were right to come here.”

Ariel Lin has known director Qu for seven years and cooperates for the third time, their relationship is like a family. Director has praised Ariel Lin as an actress he needs not worry about.

Ariel Lin said she accepted the role in “In Time with You” because the situation of You Qing is very similar to her at current stage. However, she humorously stressed: “I am not yet 30!” In the drama, You Qing had a target of getting married by 28 years old, Ariel said, “I do not set a target age for getting married, but this is sooner or later. Just let nature take its course! I’m not used to sharing my relationship.”

When asked what kind of man does she consider to be a “good man,” she said without hesitation that someone who shares her interests, who has a goal in life would be considered a good man. “Our interests need not be all the same, but he should be able to blend you into his daily life, like his friends, family and things that he often does,” she added, happily.

Sunny Wang said in the interview that he has fallen in love with acting, and his most memorable scene is the first scene he filmed, where he hit Chen Bo Lin. The director said he has a kind of fatal attraction, and acting in very relaxed manner.

This is the first time Andrea Chen Kuang Yi, a graduate of National Taiwan University, debuts in acting, and she already won the role of second female lead in In Time with You. She said the her personality is quite different from her role in drama, Maggie, who is more lively and pro-active in pursuing guys. In addition, not only her appearance looks like Vivian Chow, and coincidentally she even share the same birthday with Vivian Chow, earning her the moniker of “Little Vivian.”

Watch the video clips of the interview with director and casts of In Time with You:

“In Time With You” casts shares thoughts about career and love, where the director says Chen Bo-lin is just like a kid, and Joanne Zheng needs to know Calvin Chen from fresh.

The casts of In Time with You shares their opinions about career and love, and Ariel Lin shares what constitutes a good man to her.






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