How much do we understand about the King Sejong? People on this world only knows the history of him invented Hangul (may be Chosŏn’gŭl is more appropriate here). And the SBS’ Deep Rooted Tree which is based on the story of creation of Hangul by Sejong the Great is a work that should not be underestimated. Although there was already KBS “King Sejong the Great” or dramas that had him as the leading character priorly, but whether the Deep Rooted Tree will manage to develop a new story plot is depending on the screenplay writer Kim Yeong-hyeon and Park Sang-yeon who jointly co-write the work. What is the result of cleverly showing the “power of characters” drama that portrayed by the two writers through the the relationship between human and politics? In addition, curiosity has grown on drama that combined Han Suk Kyu, Sin Se Kyung and Song Joong-ki.

Screenplay Writers of Deep Rooted Tree

1. What’s the differences between drama and original novel?

Drama has deepen the conflict inside the novel. There are two main points. Firstly, commoners. From this point of view, Sejong decided to create characters in the name of the peoples, but how the citizen of Joseon at that time accepted it? Support without hesitation? Secondly, in the novel the people who investigated the murder case was the first to know the secret plan of Sejong to create characters, what influence they have on the incident? Thirdly, in the novel there is no childhood time of protagonists, in the drama the setting of the roles will start from the young age. As such the relationship between leading characters will be closer.

2. Between the novel and historical fact, is Sejong the Great different from the gentle image that people believed?

We have done many research, read many information, found that people only knows his achievements from the paper, but actually Sejong the Great had a spectacular life. At that time, the series of measures he did for the country is the result of continuous discussions with the ministers which sometimes led to conflict. Sejong could live a comfortable and worry-less life, but he did not, instead he slept less than four hours a day, prefer to try to let the ministers understood his thinking and engaging in large psychological warfare. As such, these people triggered the unprecedented reform on Joseon, laid the foundation for future generations, so in the heart of people Sejong is like fire which brighten up that era.

3. How would you arrange the difference of Sejong with his original?

Plan to add in voice or common people in the struggle between Sejong and ministers. In additon, Sejong may show his vigorous and resolute personality when wanting to suppress ministers. And at the initial part of the drama will describe how Sejong reviews his own past.

4. In the novel, Choi Manri is a person opposing to publishing of Hangul. How is the drama depicts this role? And comparing with Mishil of Queen Seondeok, what is his image?

It’s pointless to compare him to Mishil. Mishil as the core person who holds the power, she represents the opposite of power in the drama and is a antagonist, and has even reached the point where she doesn’t think she is bad. Although Choi Man Ri stans on the opposite of Sejong, but they fight for the same goal, just that their thinking is different. Sejong and him only hope to find a happy way for the country. So what effect of the divergent of Choi Manri and Sejong on Chosun will be presented in the drama.

5. Han Suk Kyu, Jang Hyuk, Sin Se-kyung and Song Joong-ki will act in the drama, what’s their most fit part with the roles?

After the script is confirmed, we have the thought of nobody is better than them for the roles. Jang Hyuk acted as Lee Dae Gil who is a declined aristocracy in Slave Hunter. He will show off his charm which demonstrates the simplicity, faith, and humor. This time there is more action scene, so if without Jang Hyuk this portion will be weaken, and it’s unimaginable. At the same time, face of young Sejong who is having passion and belief for his reform is exactly the what Song Joong-ki portrayed. This also to further deepen how the extraordinary experience and charm of Sejong was developed from the cynical of early stages. The role of Shin Se Kyung Jing is responsible for the love with the hero while at the same time responsible for the secret task of creating Hangul, one can feel the mystical quality on her elegant body. Now what’s most important is the tension when the actors are acting together which is greatly expected.

6. What’s the extra hard work required or hardship when writing this work?

Comparing the previous drama series, there are more characters, they’re against each other, so have requesting everybody to do their best to express an interesting story as aim. Another question is how to accurately master the normal view and explanation to create Hangul.

7. What the message Deep Rooted Tree wants to convey?

Now we use hand phone to send text message, Korea is one of the country in the world with 0% illiteracy rate, but why is it’s everybody taking for granted that everybody can send text messages, knows the writing scripts? Won’t there is question and curiosity on this? This is what we want to express.

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