Jae Hee and Lee Soo Kyung on Bed

Jae Hee & Lee Soo Kyun Undress to Sleep on Same Bed

The love line of Yoon Joon Soo (Jae Hee) and Byun So Ra (Yoon So Yi) in Color of Woman is having a crack, with Kang Chan Jin (Shim Ji Ho) becomes the stumbling block to the progress in their relationship.

Joon Soo and So Ra agreed to watch the sunrise together in Gangwon Province, but Joon Soo did not turn up. This is similar to the incident where Joon Soo agreed to spend a night with So Ra at a motel but unexpectedly ran away. This hurts So Ra, “First love is not successful. I believe I can defeat the words ten years ago that does not want to leave me, but at this time, it’s like returning to the moment a decade ago when I was left alone.”

Chan Jin is drinking at the So Ra’s house and consoles her. Two persons who have drunk throw away the small bear toy of Joon Soo to the seaside.

Jae Hee and Lee Soo Kyung on Bed

Meanwhile, as the director of the company, Joon Soo hit the bottle after learning about shocking news about inheritance of the management rights. Wang Jin Joo (Lee Soo Kyung) sends drunken Joon Soo who couldn’t stand on his own to the hotel’s room. Jin Joo looks at Joon Soo and falls asleep. The next day, two persons wake up from the same bed in the state of undress. Joon Soo who hurriedly rushes home only to see that So Ra and Chan Jin are lying down together is shocked.

Joon Soo wants to be quiet alone, so he asks Chan Jin to stay outside. Chan Jin packs his luggage and goes to So Ra’s house. The next day, Joon Soo’s father suddenly appears, posted a personnel notice in the company, So Ra sees that beside the name of Jin Joo is a new title, felt surprise instantly.

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  2. jaehee4ever Avatar

    i love this scene haha i love them both!!! Jun Su and Jin Joo! cute couple! ^^

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