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Color of Women

Drama Title: Color of Woman
Korean Title: 컬러 오브 우먼
Romanization Pronunciation: Keol-leo O-beu Woo-meon / Kulreo Obeu Woomun
Chinese Name: 女人的色彩
Japanese Name: カラーオブウーマン
Also Known As: Color of Women
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 5 December 2011 – 7 February 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 9:20 PM (8:50 PM for Episode 7 onwards)

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Plot Summary / Synopsis

A comedy drama that contrasts a woman who succeeds with knowledge and reason and a woman who weaponizes appearance and sensitivity, and explore the psychology of straightforward girl and scheming girl.

Byun So Ra, who believes weapons of women are strength and skill, and Wang Jin Joo, who believes weapons of women are feminine characters, work at the same cosmetics company and fall in love with the boss of the company, Yoon Joon Soo at the same time. The two women have conflicts in almost everything. Although they always oppose each other, but sometimes they unite. They compete intensely for their love and success.

Byun So Ra comes from an ordinary background, has ordinary look, but she works very hard. She always encourages herself that “god will help those who need help.” She is betrayed by her boyfriend and her dreams of becoming a professor fails. Byun So-Ra then joins a cosmetics company where she meets her rival that she clashes always with.

Wang Jin Joo looks younger than her actual age of 29 by at least 5 years. Grew up in wealthy family, she is pampered since young, never has suffering, and never need to work hard to get something she wanted. To her, the words of patient and caring exist just in dictionary, and can relentlessly speak out whatever she wants to say. She believes beauty is the most important asset of women, and so she thinks it’s easier for her to get something comparing with other women.

Yoon Joon Soo is a good-looking, smart, and talented chaebol, as he’s the head of the cosmetics company. He is a little indifferent, but he is an innocent guy with good heart who is shy and caring. He is also a guy who’s fiercely loyal, who takes responsibility for all his promises.


Yoon So Yi (윤소이) as Byun So Ra (변소라)
Jae Hee (재희) as Yoon Joon Soo (윤준수)
Shim Ji Ho (심지호) as Kang Chan Jin (강찬진)
Lee Soo Kyung (이수경) as Wang Jin Joo (왕진주)
Sung Dong Il (성동일)
Park Sang Myun (박상면)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Soo Young (김수영)
Screenwriter: Choi Yeon Ji (최연지), Park Hyun Jin (박현진), Jeon Yong Seong (전용성), Lee Si-hyeon (이시현)

Viewership Ratings

Episode Date Nationwide (AGB)
1 5 December 2011 0.757
2 6 December 2011 0.84
3 12 December 2011 0.673
4 13 December 2011 0.668
5 19 December 2011 0.610
6 20 December 2011 0.438
7 26 December 2011 0.604
8 27 December 2011 0.432
9 2 January 2012 0.519
10 3 January 2012 0.364
11 9 January 2012 0.375
12 10 January 2012 0.422
13 16 January 2012
14 17 January 2012 0.331
15 23 January 2012 0.293
16 24 January 2012 0.271
17 30 January 2012 0.363
18 31 January 2012 0.380
19 6 February 2012 0.309
19 7 February 2012 0.528

Source: AGB Nielson Media Research


  • Korean actress Eugene was originally cast for the leading role of Byun So-Ra, but she decided to withdrew from the drama after her sister was seriously injured in a car accident in Guam.

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