Janel Tsai Shu Zhen

Janel Tsai Shu Zhen Cry for Golden Bell Awards Nomination

The idol drama The Fierce Wife which earned highest ratings, not only manage to let Sonia Sui Tang who played Xie Ah Zhen to be nominated for best leading actress of Golden Bell Awards, but He Ai Lin who is independent working woman who encourages Xie An Zhen to walk out of pain of divorce bravely, criticized Wen Rui Fan (played by Wen Sheng Hao) for cheating, blaming Lai Wei En (played by Amanda Zhu Xin Yi) as third-party, has also left a deep impression. And the actually He Ai Lin was actually played by Janel Tsai Shu Zhen. She has also been nominated for best supporting actress for this year Golden Bell Awards together with Amanda Zhu, the war of them is now extending from drama to off sceen.

Janel Tsai attended COACH concept store at Taipei 101 on October 6, 2011, and when she recalled when she received the news about the nomination, she said she could not believe it, but she reported the good news to his father instantly, and then ran to washroom to cry alone, she laughed saying this is the tears of joy.

Janel Tsai Shu Zhen

Only after finished crying, Janel Tsai enjoyed the joy with good mood, she said that the feeling of been nominated for Golden Bell Awards is similar to step on the cloud, even walking also feel weightless. Janel, similar to Sonia, is model-turned-actress, and now both is nominated, and this gives her more confidence to continue her career in drama circle. As for the dressing during the Golden Bell Awards ceremony, if she going to challenge the scale of revelation to beat other actresses? She funnily said, “Good to expose buttock or expose armpits.”

Janel Tsai
Tsai Shu Zhen

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