Jang Hee Jin Prideful Wine Tasting Attracts Attention

Actress Jang Hee Jin is playing the role of prideful and beautiful female doctor Lee Se Young in KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama “Big“. On June 12th, 2012, production team released a set of stills where Jang Hee Jin was showing natural, unrestrained and prideful charm in a red bar.

In the published stills, the tall and perfect Jang Hee Jin has great sense of fashion. It was already late night at the time of shooting, but she still shot happily, making the atmosphere at the scene lively. Once the filming began, Jang Hee Jin immediately transformed into a natural, unrestrained and prideful Lee Se Young professionally.

In the photos, Jang Hee Jin was wearing a white chiffon shirt and red pant, showing a both capable and stylish image. She marked the lines with a highlighter, concentrating on in-depth analysis of the script, and she also put the script on the leg so that she can memorize the lines at any time, demonstrating great enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility to the drama. Jang Hee Jin is showing the charm of softness with strong by performing the proud eyes, or lifting the red wine glass with faint smile. The superior outlook and invincible charm are making many viewers to be full of expectations for the image of Jang Hee Jin in “Big”.

Netizens commented on the Jang Hee Jin’s photos, “Outstanding outlook, cold, prideful, natural and unrestrained urban girl,” “In the shooting scene, is also like an prideful working female,” “The look of lifting the red wine glass is charming,” “The look of looking in the mirror is charming,” and so on.





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