The Korean actor in leading role on Deep Rooted Tree, Jang Hyuk, has shown strong confidence in the SBS’s Wednesday and Thursday drama.

Debuted on October 5th, 2011, Jang Hyuk plays the the role gyeomsabok royal bodyguard Chae Yun in the TV drama series that explores the mystery surrounding invention of Hangul. The swift action of his body in the first episode and his enthusiastic performance of been tortured upon return in forth episode have caught viewers’ attention.

The forth episode of Deep Rooted Tree got the national ratings of 19.1% based on AGB Nielson statistics, and at one go take the champion position of Wednesday and Thursday drama. For this, Jang Hyuk said, “It’s good news that ratings increased tremendously, but no matter how is the ratings of Deep Rooted Tree, it’s a good drama.”

He continued, “I have full confident in the ability of script writer Kim Yeong-hyeon and director Jang Tae-Yoo. From now on will present and unfold the story plot.” He added, “In the drama, have to digest two kind of characters at the same time. It’s looking good and I really appreciate it. I will do my best for the character of Chae Yoon.”

Related to the production crew, he said, “Under excellent direction of director Jang Tae-Yoo and scriptwriter Kim Yeong-hyeon, Jang Hyung has broad spectrum of acting skills, and now properly start to show the power. What’s the next story of Deep Rooted Tree, please look forward to it.”

via wstarnews