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Jang Hyuk: Deep Rooted Tree is a Delicious Dish

Korean actor Jang Hyuk who is playing the leading role of Kang Chae Yoon is SBS hit drama Deep Root Tree was been interviewed by the press after went back to his house for a short rest after overnight filming at Paju city. His first sentence was, “My strength is better than acting.”

Deep Rooted Tree which is known as “fine historical drama” is first-class no matter in casting or script. The screenplay was adapted from the bestseller of the same name by popular author Lee Jung-Myung, is describing about the story happened during the era of forth generation king of Joseon Dynasty King Sejong. The drama series is re-interpreting the historical incidents happened during the time, reproducing the case of Hall of Worthies been murder one by one at Gyeongbokgung Palace seven days leading to the publication of Hunminjeongeum.

Jang Hyuk said, “I want to use a dish to describe the Deep Rooted Tree, it’s very delicious.”

Jang Hyuk

“Actually when just received the script, I did not intend to star in the drama, in the beginning I did not feel that I have the charm of the character of Kang Chae Yoon. Instead I want to try the character of Ga Ri On, but he does not match with my age.” Jang Hyuk laughed and said, “Later the script was revised, the character of Kang Chae Yoon became stereoscopic, and the plot of creating the Hangul with King Sejong is also very interesting. Previously, when watching performance of Yoon Je-moon in TV series Midas, I felt that he is very suitable for the role of Ga Ri On, so I recommended Yoon Je-moon th the production team.”

When asked about the differences with previous drama Chuno, Jang Hyuk answered, “Chuno is a very sensibility work, while Deep Rooted Tree is relatively a rational work, two dramas are just like differences between American drama series “Band of Brothers” and “Prison Break.” In Chuno, I was playing the role of Lee Dae Gil who even can die today with no regrets. On the contrary, Kang Chae Yoon has always been harboring hatred in order to implement revenge plan, after knowing the lover during child age So Yi (played by Shin Se Kyung) is still alive, he regains the driving force to live.

“If saying that Dae Gil is a hero with only one personality, then Kang Chae Yoon is a person that has multiple complex personality. Although the body has grown up, the spiritual world has been trapped in the death of his father’s painful memories at the age of 12.”

Jang Hyuk always acts in historical drama, then what is the charm of historical drama?

Deep Rooted Tree has a lot of real historical figures appear in the drama, but what is been shown is the things they did when young that is unfamiliar by the people, so there is room for creativity. Although most of characters in modern drama is fictional characters, but because the story is based at the times we live in, in fact, not much room for creativity. From this point, the historical drama gives more space for actors play.”

“This time there is help from senior Han Suk Kyu and Yoon Je Moon, the entire filming process is very enjoyable. I think the interaction with actors who acted together is very important, if having good teamwork with other actors, even if physically tired during filming process, mentally will feel very happy too. If want to use baseball as analogy, senior Han Suk Kyu and Yoon Je Moon are super catcher, no matter how I hit the ball they can always accurately catch the ball, is a trusted teammate. Not only them, all the actors in the drama is having tacit understanding, the entire filming process is very enjoyable.”

Reporters asked Jang Hyuk, the acting had been evaluated as not good when just debuted, till now the acting is been praised by everybody, what’s the secret?

“In fact there is no secret, the process of acting is also the process of my curiosity is stimulated, comparing with just debuting, the acting has matured a lot, every time interpreting a character, I would think about whether the interpretation of the role is correct or not. Of course, with the increase of age, vision has become wider, this is also an important reason.”

“I think now I am at the age where I dedicate all my power to the viewers. At 20s although I used to make such mistakes, but I always treat those mistakes as the process to prepare for after 30s years old, so now I am making preparation for after 40 years old. With the increase of age, I hope to bring more diverse, more in-depth work to viewers.”

“I have always felt very sorry to the family, after the end of this work must travel together with the family. I think the family is no substitute for me, so I will properly control my time when not working, to spend more time with family.”

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