Jang Hyuk in Deep Rooted Tree starts to break away from Chuno.

To Jang Hyuk who plays the role of Kang Chae Yoon in SBS’s Deep Rooted Tree, the biggest obstacle is KBS2 TV’s “Chuno.” It’s the drama series which Jang Hyuk performed best in acting, but to erase the strong impression left behind is not an easy task. And it’s the reason of high anxiety faced by Jang Hyuk to challenge historical drama again.

In order to revenge, pursue the opponent tenaciously, showing gorgeous actions. From this point of view, Kang Chae Yoon and Lee Dae Gil are the same. It’s not the matter to emphasis the comparison of common ground between Chae Yoon and Dae Gil, even if you don’t compare the same person in acting, there is something that is bound to look similar. In the press conference, Jang Hyuk stressed the differences, but viewers does not appear to be affected.

Jang Hyuk

The first half of the drama series focused on Hangul creation project and the secret society, King Sejong Han Suk-Kyu and Jung Ki Joon Yoon Je-moon was receiving more attention, Kang Chae Yoon was not in focus. Different with Lee Dae Gil, the opportunity for Kang Chae Yoon to show his talents is lesser.

From episodes that broadcast onwards from November 10th, 2011, Jang Hyuk begins his stage. Kang Chae Yoon and So Yi (played by Shin Se Kyunng) are knowing each other. The pain during childhood time, after knowing the fact that both of them is still alive, they reunite in tears. Jang Hyuk superb wit uses ingenious shell of Chae Yoon in solving problem to express his emotions.

When Kang Chae Yoon and So Yi reunion, Jang Hyuk acting is delicate and intense. After finding Dam-i (pet name of So Yi), his expression of eyes showed teetering and wavering while running. The touching reunion of Ttol-bok (pet name of Chae Yoon) and So Yi took place with beautiful background.

The praises for the acting skill and expressions of Jang Hyunk’s expression through eyes remain fresh in one’s memory. The image of a rough man, but in the process demonstrating many sensibility. It’s also true in MBC’s “Thank You,” but it’s stronger in the role of Kang Chae Yoon. So, it’s hard for Jang Hyuk to show other sides in Deep Rooted Tree.

The acting skill is prominently displayed due to variety of personality and expressions of the roles in Deep Rooted Tree. Humanized genius King Sejong, scholars who are no different from civilians, Jung Ki Joon with dream world. As such reversal can be achieved. Now, the hidden side of Kang Chae Yoon is beginning to emerge.

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