Jessica and Lee Dong Wook

Jessica as Ex-Girlfriend of Lee Dong Wook – Savior of Wild Romance?

Jessica of SNSD (Girls’ Generation) is debuting in Wild Romance as the puppy love girlfriend of Lee Dong Wook. Whether she can become the savior for the ratings of the drama is under the spotlight.

On January 24th, 2012, the production company of KBS2 Wednesday and Thursday drama Wild Romance, GnG, made public the stills of Jessica Jung, raising the anticipation of the fans.

In the still photo, Jessica is exuding lovable yet mature beauty, showing another type of beautifulness and charisma that are different from on stage.


The production company said that Jessica will make her first appearance on January 25th, 2012 by playing the role of unforgettable first girlfriend of Park Moo Yul, stirring up the love relationship between lead characters in the drama.

Deserve to be mentioned is the triangular relationship between Jessica who is full of feminist charm, Lee Si Young who is tough with boyish charm and Lee Dong Wook, will definitely increase the tension and anticipation for the drama.

Jessica and Lee Dong Wook

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6 responses to “Jessica as Ex-Girlfriend of Lee Dong Wook – Savior of Wild Romance?”

  1. Angel Avatar

    Am not sure not a fan of SNSD, actually wild romance is a good drama with a amazing acting lead cast of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si-Young, only time airing together with 2 others good drama also made this drama not so outstanding, with Jessica appear am not sure rating will increase, i think she have an average acting skill…but still I will watch this drama until end!

  2. T Sailau Avatar
    T Sailau

    same here not a fan SNDS, in my opinion wild romance is a amazing drama and the two main lead’s are amazing i believe there are other drama that’s airing at the same time as wild romance so putting jessica in it really doesn’t matter because the two main lead’s are doing a very good job so in another word’s putting her in it won’t make the rating’s sky high.

  3. Horcet Avatar

    i’m not a fan of SNSD,in opinion wild romance is a dam good and funny drama and two main lead are very amazing actor’s so in another word putting jessica in i don’t think the raings will go sky high ,i believe there are two other drama are running at the time so i think that’s why….

  4. 212 Avatar

    SONEs will increase ratings xD

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  6. Thengskie59 Avatar

    i don’t think jessica contributed a big part on the wild romance.. d story alone could hv stand d ratings f dy promoted it well.. i’ve enjoyed watching it & nvr missed a single episode.. both d main character portrayed dyr role very well.. i think, jessica stl needs a lot of acting workshop.. tho 4 a beginner, i thnk its ok..  dr r some scenes she wasn’t able to portrayed well. i cnt find her appealing also.. i find hwang sun-hee more appealing f be compared to her.. well, i think beauty is really in the eye of the beholder..

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