Jessica Jung recalled the kissing scene with Lee Dong Wook.

Girls Generation’s Jessica is sharing her thoughts on the kiss scene with Lee Dong Wook which became the discussion topic recently on her interview with Newsen. Jessica is currently starring in KBS2 TV’s Wild Romance with Lee Dong Wook.

Jessica recalled, “I used to act kiss scene before. But those kiss scenes were just “pretending” that I kissed someone, so I was really nervous this time.”

She smiled and said, “Before shooting, I was told that ‘This shall be a true kiss scene’ and I got nervous.” Jessica embarrassingly said, “Under the lead of senior Lee Dong Wook, I shot the kiss scene comfortably.”

When asked, “Were there any NGs?” Jessica answered, “There were NGs… But, there were fewer NG than I thought. Just that there were a lot of cuts, so we had do a lot of shooting.”

Jessica is challenging acting for the first time. She revealed her aspirations, “Due to suddenly confirmation of the starring in the drama, lack of preparation time. In addition, due to reasons such as overseas schedule, the focus on acting is honestly not there. But it’s still very fun and I learned a lot. I want to continue acting in future.”

via Newsen