Girls Generation Jessica

Jessica Thanks Lee Dong Wook & Lee Si Young on Acting Debut

SNSD member Jessica Jung expressed her feelings on the end of the shooting.

Jessica played the role of Kang Jong Hee, who is the ex-lover of baseball player Park Moo Yeol in KBS2 drama series Wild Romance. She debuted in the middle of the series, forming a love triangle with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young.

This was the first time Jessica get “electric shock,” but she interpreted the role which exudes the feminine charm and fashionable art breath perfectly, winning the praises from audience.

Girls Generation Jessica

Jessica said, “Acting for the first time, I was both nervous and excited. Although the acting was not very good, but still very grateful to two seniors in the drama, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young. They studied the lines with me even during rest time, gave me a lot of guidance on acting, I am grateful to them.”

She continued, “Not only SNSD’s Jessica, I will work harder, to become actress Jessica, in the next project I will perform better. Thank you for the love to the role of Jong Hee.”

A while ago, Jessica not only followed the whole group of Girls Generation to perform in the United States, France, Thailand and other countries, but also seriously involved in the shooting of the drama. On the set, she was an atmosphere maker. In order to participate in program schedule in New York, Paris and Bangkok, she also created the record of flying 20,000 km in 2 weeks.

In addition, Wild Romance will end on February 23rd, 2012, and the performance of Jessica is very worth the wait.


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