Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na Unwilling to Part with Queen In-Hyun’s Man

tvN miniseries “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” warped up on June 3rd, 2012, and is airing the grand final episode on June 7th, 2012. After concluding the filming, the actors expressed their feelings on reluctance to part, and said that they feel very happy to be able to participate in the drama.

When expressing the thoughts on the conclusion of the drama, lead actor Ji Hyun Woo and lead actress Yoo In Na said in unison, “Don’t know if can encounter such a happy drama again or not.”

“Queen In-Hyun’s Man” is the first drama that Yoo In Na is in leading role. She said, “First of all would like to thank director and screenwriter who believe in me. During the period when I was Hee Jin, I was very happy. After the drama wrapped, I am not feeling a sense of relief, but feel very unwilling to part! When filming, even if staying up all night to shoot, I was not feeling it’s hard, because laughter was continuous on the scene. Now I am saying goodbye to the role of Hee Jin, and I will also miss Bung Do (played by Ji Hyun Woo).”

Whenever “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” broadcasts kiss scenes, it always receives enthusiastic response from the audience. For a variety of kisses, Yoo In Na said that the kiss scene which leaves her the deepest impression is the tiptoe kiss scene with Ji Hyun Woo where she stepped onto the feet of Ji Hyun Woo with tiptoes, because it’s the scene of most passionate kiss since her debut. Yoo In Na said, “Actually the filming of the scene was quite hard. The person who stepped on the above was hard, and the person who supported me below was also very hard. The atmosphere on the scene actually was not romantic nor sweet. But fortunately when broadcasting, the picture is quite aesthetically beautiful and romantic.”

In addition, in the preview video of episode 15 made public, the scene of heroine crying out loud arousing even more curiosity of the audience towards the ending. In this regard, Yoo In Na did not reveal the spoiler on the grand final, and only mentioned that there will be development that is pulling the hearts of audience together. She also hopes that after the end of the drama, audience can treasure the love of Hee Jin and Bung Do for a long time.

tvN’s “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” airs its final 2 episodes on June 6th and June 7th of 2012, staging a brilliant ending.


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