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Queen In-Hyun's Man

Drama Title: Queen In-Hyun’s Man
Korean Title: 인현왕후의 남자
Romanization Pronunciation: Inhyeonwanghooui Namja
Also Known As: Queen and I / Queen Inhyun’s Man
Chinese Name: 仁顯王后的男人
Japanese Name: 仁顯王妃の男
Genre: Fantasy, History, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 18 April 2012 – 7 June 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 11:00 PM

Preceded By: Twelve Men in a Year
Followed By: I Need Romance 2

Plot Summary / Synopsis

A romantic comedy drama about an ancient scholar, Kim Bung Do, who wants to reinstate Queen In Hyun deposed by scheme of Jang Hee Bin. He time-travels to Seoul at 2012 of modern times from the Joseon Dynasty at 1694, and meets a delinquent actress, Choi Hee Jin, who is currently performing as Queen In-Hyun in the drama series “New Jang Hee-Bin”. They engage in a romantic relationship.


Ji Hyun Woo (지현우) as Kim Boong Do (김붕도)
Yoo In Na (유인나) as Choi Hee Jin (최희진)
Kim Jin Woo (김진우) as Han Dong Min (한동민)
Ga Deuk Hi (가득히) as Jo Soo Kyung (조수경)
Park Young Rin (박영린) as Yoon Na Jung (윤나정)
Jo Dal Hwan (조달환) as Chun Soo (천수)
Uhm Hyo Sup (엄효섭) as Min Am (민암)
Lee Kwan Hoon (이관훈) as Ja Soo (자수)
Jin Ye Sol (진예솔) as Yoon Wol (윤월)
Ji Nam Hyuk (지남혁) as Han Dong (한동)
Seo Woo Jin (서우진) as King Sukjong (숙종)
Kim Hae In (김해인) as Queen In Hyun (인현왕후)
Choi Woo Ri (최우리) as Jang Hee Bin (희빈 장씨)
Kim Won Hae (김원해) as Officer Hong (홍내관)
Kim Kyul (김결) as Young Myung (영명)

Production Credits

Director: Kim Byung Soo (김병수)
Screenwriter: Song Jae Jung (송재정)
Production Company: CJ E&M Corporation

Synopsis by Episode

Viewership Ratings (Peak Ratings)

Episode 1 & 2 (18 April 2012): 1.62
Episode 5 (2 May 2012): 2.00 (3.24)
Episode 7 (9 May 2012): 2.36
Episode 9 (16 May 2012): 1.00 (1.36)
Episode 11 (23 May 2012): 1.37 (2.25)
Episode 13 (30 May 2012): 1.47 (2.00)
Episode 14 (31 May 2012): 1.48
Episode 15 (6 June 2012): 1.10 (1.48)
Episode 16 (7 June 2012): 1.60 (2.10)

Source: AGB Nielson or TNmS

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