The actor Jo Jin Woong sighed with emotion the acting of Han Suk Kyu and Song Joong Ki in Deep Rooted Tree.

Song Joong Ki who played the role of young King Sejong and Han Suk Kyu who played the role of senior King Sejong have shown the excellent acting.

“Song Joong Ki showed the hysterical performance perfectly, while senior Han Suk Kyu authenticated the kind look, the natural acting of the two was completely immersed into the role.”

Jo Jin Woon

“Especially the explosive force and cohesion force of Song Joong Ki when acting was really good. In addition, the ability to return back to cheerful youth look after shouting is very surprising. On the other hand, the inner heart of senior Han Suk Kyu is really warm. In addition, when there is NG, he is very apologetic and when recording will show great self-confidence. Is a really good actor.”

He also smiled and said, “Thanks for the two King Sejong, I can perform my role better. Now when looking at the scene between King Sejong and Moo Hyool, people will feel like husband and wife is quarreling.”