Jo Jin Woong (Jo Jin Ung) who is seen sitting on the throne in the photos is acting as Moo Hyool in SBS’s Wednesday and Thursday TV series Deep Rooted Tree. Moo Hyul who is the personal guard of King Sejong (played by Han Suk Kyu), and is the top warrior in Joseon Dynasty. Together with Jung In-ji (played by Hyuk-kwon), they’re important ministers beside King Sejong.

Jo Jin Woong said, “Some of the moments in Deep Rooted Tree is really interesting, especially when Mu Hyool wants to plead innocence over his little mistakes or things that he does not understand, then it’s even more fun. This is the reason for the existence of Moo Hyool, to always do their utmost to implement the King Sejong commands.”

Jo Jin Woong

To King Sejong, Moo Hyool is the most faithful minister. He jokingly said: “Recently, when shooting in the study room, I sat on the emperor chair of King Sejong, causing colleagues to mock up. A production staff said:” Perhaps this is the position of Moo Hyool, isn’t it?”

Jo Jin Woong

In fact, Jo Jin Woong has not only shown the gorgeous martial arts and extraordinary charms in the drama, but has also shown the cute and optimistic personality during the period. He likes to joke, and poses the V-sign when taking photos, is really an atmosphere creator.

Producer said: “The response by the audience to Jo Jin Woong who plays Mu Hyul is overwhelming! No matter it’s during intense shooting or when resting, Jo can always bring a vibrant laughter and infective!”