Actor Jo Yeon Woo and actress Kim Ha Eun are making special cameo appearance in episode 5 of Fermentation Family (Kimchi Family).

Jo Yeon Woo is playing the role of famous Hallyu star Cha Yong Bin who supports the raise of stock price, while Kim Ha Eun is the hidden wife of Cha Yong Bin. The two of them come together to the Chunjiin (Heave, Earth, People).

In order to have dinner with his wife Ji Hyun and son Dae Yung, Yong Bin made a booking at Chunjiin and also made some questionable conditions. He said, “Do not host other guests that day,” “Food can only served by the chef,” “Do not leak out about this dinner.”

On the day, Ji Hyun expressed that she no longer wants to be the wife concealed by Yong Bin, wants to live the life she wanted to live. Yong Bin therefore takes a hit.

Godeulppaegi kimchi debuts in the fifth episode of Fermentation Family. This also made Yong Bin and Ji Hyun slowly turn from bitter to sweet when chewing.

A lot of strangers gathers in this well-known Chunjiin Korean restaurant, telling the pleasant and touching stories.

via asiae