Joo Won Charismatic Strong Eyes Moved Audience

Strong eyes, empathy.

The ever changing expression acting and the charm of eyes’ expression of actor Joo Won in KBS2 TV series “Bridal Mask” are critically acclaimed.

Joo Won is playing the role of police office Lee Kang To in Jongno police station. His solid acting and fluent action scene captured the heart of the fans. The ever changing expression acting and the charm of eyes’ expression of Joo Won allowed “Bridal Mask” to gain advantage over rivals in the beginning of broadcast period, ranking at top position for Wednesday and Thursday drama viewership ratings ranking, which have been drawing attention for the battle between strong senior actors of Joo Won, So Ji Sub and Kim Sun Ah.

In the new drama, Joo Won is showing completely different image from his previous drama “Ojakgyo Family” and KBS2 TV national variety show “Happy Sunday – 2 Days 1 Night”. He perfectly portrays the antagonist role, bringing fresh highlight and impact to the audience.

In the drama which sets on the background of Japanese occupation period, Lee Kang To experienced the murder of his father, and brother became a fool after Korean liberation movement. So he decides to be loyal to Japanese Empire, and become the person who can do anything in order to success, and the ‘prince’ of socialites in town. Because of the unjust stigma forced on him, Lee Kang To suffered brutal blows and kicks after been arrested, and he uses his eyes to express his helplessness, exuding another extraordinary charm.

At the end of episode 2, Kang San (Shin Hyun Joo) takes down the mask, while Kang To is swearing to catch the person in mask regardless of costs, arousing curiosity of viewers on how the future story of the siblings going to develop, and increases the attractiveness of the drama.

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