Jung Il Woo expressed his special liking for the actress of young Bo Kyung in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Kim So Hyun, and that he becomes a close friend with Kim Soo Hyun through the TV series.

In the tvN’s eNews broadcast on March 19th, 2012, Jung Il Woo shared his thoughts on the end of the drama series, behind the scene highlights, incidents during filming and his most memorable scenes.

When asked about who is his ideal type in the drama series, Jung Il Woo said, “Actually every actor has own charm, when seeing Kim So Hyun who played the role of Bo Kyung during childhood era for the first time on celebration party, I feel that she is particularly beautiful.” He also said, “The facial features are very delicate, surely will be especially beautiful when grown up. My own ideal type is female with the kind of character that is hearty and freeness.”

Jung Il Woo

Besides, Jung Il Woo also specially mentioned about the friendship with Kim Soo Hyun built through the drama. He said, “Through this drama, I become close friend with Kim Soo Hyun who is same age with me. Our friendship nobody doesn’t know about it. He has a lot of characteristics which I don’t have, I learn a lot of things from him, he becomes the stimulus for me during the shooting. I feel like make a very chummy friends.”