The roles of Jung Woo Sung and Kim Beom in JTBC’s launch drama Padam Padam has became a discussion topic.

Yang Kang Chil (played by Jung Woo Sung) and Lee Gook Soo (played by Kim Beom) lives together because of forging a bond during prison life, and is suspected to be “male-male couple” (homosexual). They established a deep friendship regardless of going home while on leave or after leaving from prison.

Lee Gook Soo lives in the house of Kang Chil after leaving prison because he convinces that he is the guardian angel of Kang Chil.

And then Gook Soo always stays beside Kang Chil to help him, and this also indicates that Cupid’s love is getting closer and closer.

Kang Chil harassed by Gook Soo at the side, looks like do not like it, but actually Kang Chil also does not hope that he suffers from misfortune together with him. The future plot development has gripping the viewers’ heart.