Jung Woo Sung Embracing Han Ji Min While Reading Script of Padam Padam

The photos of Jung Woo Sung and Han Ji Min in an embrace while reading script of JTBC drama series Padam Padam were made public.

In the photos, the scene was the BtS (behind the scene) outtake on the filming set of Kang Chil and Ji Na bed scene. Because the scene requires delicate and sensitive conveying of feelings, so the actors were carefully studying the script, and from the professional attitude of the actors, it can be seen that they put in a lot of passion into the roles. Among these, Jung Woo Sung who is covered by blanket hugs Han Ji Min from the back, raising audience’s curiosity but also causing jealousy.

In episode 18, Padam Padam broadcast the farewell scene of Kang Chil and Ji Na, making the audience feels pity.

via TVDaily


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