On the afternoon 2pm of November 20th, 2011, the JTBC’s Monday and Tuesday drama series Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats held its production press conference at Palace Hotel at Gangnam of Seoul. In the conference, Jung Woo Sung was asked “due to previous bad things (referring to breakup with Lee Ji Ah), do you feel uncomfortable sitting on such occasion.” Jung Woo Sung answered, “Is not uncomfortable at all.”

He replied, “Human being will always meet and leave with some people. Comparing with that thing, I am more worried about my mother in poor health and just did a surgery today.” The production press conference on the day is the first official appearance for Jung Woo Sung after the breakup with lover Lee Ji Ah early 2011, so reports were interviewed him one after another. But Jung Woo Sung always kept a cheerful appearance, emotional is calm.

Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung also revealed that he has very close tacit cooperation with Han Ji Min in the drama. He said, “Cooperating with her is very rapport. From the words of Han Ji Min it’s possible to see her characters, she is very amiable, very good”, “and to co-star with her, just like the feeling of love, very excited, I feel good.”