K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition Episode 11 Synopsis Summary (Video Preview)

Synopsis Summary for Episode 11 of K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition (The Strongest K-Pop Survival)

While Seung Yeon is practicing with Ji Woo, she couldn’t concentrate as she is worried about Woo Hyun. Seeing the flustered Seung Yeon, Ji Woo expresses concern and lets her go to see Woo Hyun.

Seung Yeon with a worrying heart goes to look for Woo Hyun. Though they are bickering with each other as usual, they’re spending a great time together. Coincidentally the rain starts to fall, the two persons who are caught in the rain go to Woo Hyun’s house to escape from rain.

At Woo Hyun’s house, while drinking beer, they chit chat comfortably. Woo Hyun tells Seung Yeon that he is sadden for been deceived, and kisses her.

K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition / The Strongest Survival Episode 11 Video Preview


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