In Wild Romance drama series, Kang Dong Ho and Lim Joo Eun is kissing wildly and intensely.

In the KBS drama series Wild Romance episode 14 broadcast on February 16, 2012, the unique kiss scene between Kim Dong Ah (Lim Joo Eun) and Kim Tae Han (Kang Dong Ho) was revealed.

Dong Ah and Tae Han are kissing in front of Dong Ah’s house in a unique way. Dong Ah turns his head to the right and requests to kiss on the left. However, due to confusing direction, and unfamiliar with kissing, the kiss of two people runs aground.

The two persons who decided to kiss again then kiss wildly.

But after the kiss, manager Kim suddenly to say sorry to Dong Ah. Because there is blood on her lips.

Tae Han said, “Call it a day? I’m sorry Dong Ah.” Dong Ah doesn’t even know about the bleeding on her lips, “It’s OK. It’s so in the beginning.”

On the other hand, Eun Jae (Lee Shi Young) who is looking for afar is shocked.

via Joongang Daily