Recently Alice Ke Jia Yang and Roy Chiu Tse was shooting a scene for Office Girls where they are repairing the roof of a house at Yilan, Taiwan.

To shoot the secene, production team spent NT$300,000 to rent a super powerful industrial fan and water tanker to create a stormy weather with strong wind and heavy rainfall. During the filming, Ke Jia Yang accidentally slipped on the roof, and cut her left hand palm by the roof tile. Roy Chiu also stepped and broke the roof tile. In order to minimize change of accident when climbing up and down, they decided to stay to chat on the roof during the gap when filming. Both of them who stays alone on the roof led to an ambiguous two-person world, and the staffs also privately felt the two is “strange.”

Alice Ke and Roy Chiu on Rooftop

The relationship of them has rapidly warming due to cooperation.

via Liberty Times