Kim Hyung Jun a Cute and Tough Charming Man

The behind the scene photos of KBS Drama cable channel drama series Glowing She, attracting attention.

In the recently released behind the scene photos from the filming set of Glowing She, Kim Hyung Jun was captured by still photographer on the scene in photos that look like pictorials and his naughty look, showing a variety of expressions.

Netizens commented on the photos, “It’s a pictorial no matter how you captured,” “Very cute” and so on, expression their favor.

In fact, Kim Hyung Jun is not only challenging acting for the first in the drama, his cheerfulness has effectively created the atmosphere on the scene and affected others, winning the praise of “is a atmosphere maker no matter where he is.”

Especially when Kang Min (Kim Hyung Jun) said to Jun Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun) the handsome lines, his touching moves and the scene of expressing of his heart have been getting the love and like of female fans.

via Nate


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