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Glowing She

Drama Title: Glowing She
Korean Title: 자체발광 그녀
Romanization Pronunciation: Ja-che-bal-gwang Geu-nyeo
Also Known As: Jabal Girl / Sunshine Girl / My Shining Girl
Previously Known As: She’s Completely Insane / Shining Girl
Chinese Name: 明艳动人的她 / 自身发光的她
Japanese Name: 自己発光の彼女 / 発光彼女
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12 (first 2 episodes air back to back on premiere day)
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: KBS N Drama
Broadcast Period: 7 January 2012 – 17 March 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Saturday 10:40 PM

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Plot Summary / Synopsis

Glowing She is a romantic comedy that tells the event happening in a broadcasting company around triangular love relationship between new scriptwriter Jun Ji Hyun who has the talent and beauty, well-known producer No Yong Woo and top star Kang Min who is charming but rude and attempts to transform from singer to actor.


So Yi Hyun (소이현) as Jun Ji Hyun (전지현)
Park Kwang Hyun (박광현) as No Yong Woo (노용우)
Kim Hyung Joon (김형준) as Kang Min (강민)
Go Na Eun (고나은) as Kim Kkot Nim (김꽃님)
Chae Yeong In (채영인) as Seo Yeon Hee (서연희)
Seung Hyo Bin (승효빈) as Lee Yoo Jin (이유진)
Bae Gun Woo (배건우) as Woo Do Jin (우도진)
Ko Myeong Hwan (고명환) as Gong Pi Di (공피디)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung Pyo (이정표)
Screenwriter: Son Min Soo (손민수), Yoo Yung Eun (유영은)


  • Glowing Me is a miniseries by KBS’s cable and satellite channel, KBS N, in self producing drama series. Previously, other than TV movie, the longest drama ever produced by KBS N itself was 2008’s Lottery Trio, which has 3 episodes.

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Glowing She Trailers

Glowing She OST Part 1 – Again
Glowing She OST Part 1 – Shining Star
Glowing She OST – Sweet, Everyday
Glowing She OST Part 2 – Glowing
Glowing She OST Part 2 – Faraway

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