Kim Ki Bum Changes from Boy to Man in Sexy Swimsuit

The photos of Kim Ki Bum released by tvN drama “I Love Italy” where he was wearing a swimsuit but gave an illusion of been naked have attracted attention of female fans.

The stills are from the ending scene of episode 1 of “I Love Lee Tae Ri”, where a sexy swimsuit was used in order to dramatize the absurd fantasy moment of Kim Ki Bum turned from 14-year-old boy into an adult with perfect body.

Producer said, “Can look forward to the comedy acting of Kim Ki Bum from the first episode.”

“I Love Lee Tae Ri” is a 16-episode fantasy romance comedy which tells the 100 days fairy tale love story between Kim Ki Bum who turned from 14-year-old boy into 25-year-old innocent man and cheobol heiress Park Ye Jin.


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