Kim Na Woon (김나운) is having a cameo appearance in the fifth episode of Can’t Live with Losing (Can’t Lose) which is airing on September 7th, 2011. She is appearing in the drama with the role as specialized divorce lawyer.

During the episode, Kim Na Woon is authorized by Eun Jae (played by Choi Ji Woo) to represent her in divorce lawsuit with Hyung Woo (played by Yoon Sang Hyun). Hyun Woo reveals that he was beaten by Eun Jae in front of her, to express that he is unjustly treated.

The scene was shot on August 26th in a coffee house in Seoul. Kim Na Woon had friendly conversation with Sang Hyun and the filming crews. The producer who was watching the acting of Kim Na Woon from aside said that, “She is so friendly just like everyday working with her,” “awesome affinity,” “can’t differentiate it’s reality or skilled actors.” Everybody is fascinated by Na Woon’s charm.

Kim Na Woo was invited to cameo by screenwriter Lee Sook-jin. She used to work with Lee Sook-jin in romantic Sunday drama “Red Bean Bread.” After filming, she met with long unseen director and other crews. The shooting was completed in a happy and warm atmosphere.

Check out the behind the scene images of Kim Na Woo cameo shooting for Can’t Lose: