Kim Sun Ah Great CF Image Makeover through “I Do I Do”

The advertising image of actress Kim Sun Ah underwent a big change.

All this time, because of having been mainly interpreting the careless friendly image in TV series “My Lovely Sam Soon” and “Scent of a Woman“, the image of Kim Sun Ah in her endorsed CFs are mainly similar to the image of intimacy, gentle and sloven. More recently, with Kim Sun Ah showing off the competent charm in “I Do I Do“, the CF image of her also changed accordingly. Recently, Kim Sun Ah is chosen as the spokeswoman of NS Home Shopping, and will appeal for “consumption of healthy creative”, showing the strong woman aura which is full of self-confident.

The management agency King Kong Entertainment said, “This is after a long time Kim Sun Ah is playing the role of cold urban girl and second-generation girl of rich family. After the role which she starred in changed, the CF invitations she received also changed drastically. Previously the invitations are mostly the CF image of bright and cheerful, but the recent CFs are noble arrogant female image, probably it’s influenced by the drama.”

A person related to CF industry said, “When selecting spokesperson, it’s bound to take into account the image of the actor in the drama. This is also why the actors who play the child role in the drama seldom become endorsers. Because when viewers watch the advertisement, they often associate the spokesperson with the role played in the drama. Kim Sun Ah is interpreting a vibrant healthy woman style in the drama, and the advertisements want to highlight this image.”

via Joongang Daily





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