Kim Sun Ah: I Proposed Nude Bed Scene with Lee Jang Woo

Actress Kim Sun Ah admitted, “I first proposed the nude bed scene in the drama.”

On May 24th, 2012, on the production press conference of MBC drama “I Do I Do” held at The Raum of Yeoksam-dong, Kim Sun Ah said, “To make the performance more real and vivid, I first proposed to perform passionate bed scene with Lee Jang Woo in the drama.”

Subsequently, Kim Sun Ah said, “Although the bed scene broadcasting on the TV has limitation, but because it is an important scene of the drama, so want to try the best in acting. I asked director, ‘can I bare the back?’ He said, ‘To me, it does not matter.’”

In the highlight preview video shown on the production press conference, the performance of ‘one-night stand’ by Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo is very real, attracting attention. Among them, the scene of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jae Woo lying on the same bed was drawing speculation from the audience.

MBC drama”I do I do” premieres on May 30th, 2012. The drama uses the humorious and relaxing approach to tell the interesting love and working life stories between the role of workaholic woman in shoe company played by Kim Sun Ah and the role of fake shoe factory owner played by Lee Jang Woo who dreams of success.

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