Kim Sun Ah made a public commitment about the viewership ratings of “I Do I Do“.

On MBC variety show “Section TV” aired on June 10th, 2012, Kim Sun Ah made a promise about the ratings of “I Do I Do”.

Kim Sun Ah said, “If the ratings of ‘I Do I Do’ exceeds 35%, I will sit on the public gallery of ‘Section TV'”, triggering a surprise. MC Kim Yong Man added, “You must sit here if the ratings exceeded.”

Then, Kim Sun Ah explained about the two heros Park Gun Hyuns and Lee Jang Woo. Kim Sun Ah said, “The roles of two persons in the drama are about the same. Park Gun Hyung is very sly, Lee Jang Woo has no appreciation of the severity. The two men has special charm and strong appeal.”

via Newsen