Kim Young Hoon Revealed Song Il Gook Tendency to Scream

Actor Kim Young Hoon revealed a unique habit of Song Il Gook.

In an interview on March 5th, 2012, Kim Young Hoon revealed the behind the scene story of Fermentation Family.

On the day, Kim Young Hoon was asked about who is the atmosphere maker on the shooting scene. He said comparing with atmosphere maker, Song Il Gook is a lion roar that overwhelms the scene, arousing everyone’s curiosity.

He went on to say that with the pressurized screaming voice of Song Il Gook, everybody on the set will miss the sound. Regardless of time, he can yells strange sound without warming.

Kim Young Hoon also said, “Arrived at the filming set on the morning, came down from the car, and heard that strange sound just likes the roar of beast from the mountain at the side, everybody will say, ‘Oh, Song Il Gook is coming.’ Initially when hearing the yelling voice, staff crews or actors are shocked, but after getting used to it, it’s like daily habit, accepted it.”

Kim Young Hoon played the role of Oh Jae Hoon in Fermentation Family recently, and has been well received.

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