During the press conference of The Musical drama on August 30th, 2011, Ku Hye Sun revealed that she needs to drink wine for courage to overcome her stage phobia prior to filming scene with stage performance.

She said frankly: “The scene for the open performance on the stage cannot use recording, when filming need to sing live. I have fear of stage disorder, whole body will be shaky once up on the stage. Eventually, with the permission of director, I drank Bokbunja-ju Korean raspberry fruit wine then only went up on stage to complete the shooting.”

Koo Hye Sun plays as Go Eun Bi who is medical university freshman who is a fan of musical theater that hope to be an actress of musical theater. Goo Hye Sun said: “I accept the guidance on singing, but the singing method of musical theater is very hard.” And jokingly said: “Eun Bi in the drama is a kid who cannot sing very well but dream to be an actress for a musical. For the part of not singing well, I play very well, act very naturally.”

The Musical drama portrays the passion and love of the people who treats musical as their life. The show starts September 2nd, 2011.