With overly exaggerated setting and criticism on Ku Hye Sun’s acting, Take Care of Us, Captain is been deserted by viewers.

The rating for episode 8 of SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama series broadcast on January 26th, 2012 is 8.5% (national average based on AGN Nielson Media Research), showing an obvious decline. But The Moon Embracing the Sun broadcast at the same time rose 1.4% over last episode to get rating of 31.7%.

The initial acting of Ku Hye Sun and unreasonable setting drive the development of plot, but still does not solve the problems.

In particular, beginning from episode 5, with the addition of new scriptwriter, the plot starts to increasingly tension, and the initial questions solved, but it continues to be confined by stimulating theme, resulting in “conventional drama” comment.

The most important plot of the drama is the growth story of passionate female pilot, but unlike with original production intent, in every episode is far-fetched setting and Ku Hye Sun’s acting which does not improve.

Take Care of Us, Captaion

The censure on Ku Hye Sun’s acting which was raised on first episode does not die out even until episode 8.

It’s about acting of Ku Hye Sun which has not much different in expressions with her previous appearance in drama King and I and Boys Over Flowers. If there is no control in expressions, the acting is as stiff as a poker and not harmonious with co-starring actors, hinder the immersion into the plot.

Coupled with the co-pilot does not want to quit, and cannot control own emotions, showing the non-professionalism, reducing the realism of the role itself, triggering controversy.

The addition of new scriptwriter on the one hand input the element of professionalism, reducing the dramatic elements, one the one hand emphasis on setting of each episode, on another hand hinder the dramatic focus.

The most important thing is that the broadcast of episode 8 on January 26, 2012 contains stimulating act of indecent sexual act towards the crews, and the behavior of the shirts of passenger and steward were torn. These situations reduced the will of viewers to watch the drama, and rally the viewers to attack the drama.

Through the drama’s message board, audience commented, “The drama is too much,” “Anticipation of Ji Jin Hee’s starring, but burdened by Ku Hye Sun,” “Acting which is not harmonized,” “After change of scriptwriter the plot becomes abnormal?” “The story plot gradually deviates,” “it’s full of far-fetched setting,” “conventional style drama,” “is this a drama airline crews want?” “This is not practical” and so on.

Finally, with the unfolding of the story, the controversy on acting of main actors, the own problem is exposed, and the ratings are even lower.

In this regard, the directors of Take Care of Us, Captain, Joo Dong-min, was explaining about the problem of story development and actors’ acting, “There are two scriptwriters for the drama, but to immediately incur change is difficult. From episode 7 onwards will give a lot more care. If there is any weaknesses, will make improvement in future, so stay tuned.”

via Nate