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Take Care of Us, Captain

Drama Title: Take Care of Us, Captain
Korean Title: 부탁해요 캡틴
Romanization Pronunciation: Butaghaeyo Kaebtin / Boo-tak-hae-yo Kaeb-tin
Previously Known As: Fly Again
Chinese Name: 拜托了,机长
Japanese Name: よろしくキャプテン
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 4 January 2012 – 8 March 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM

Preceded By: Deep Rooted Tree (A Tree with Deep Roots)
Followed By: Rooftop Prince

Plot Summary

Take Care of Us, Captain is a aviation drama the tells the story of an attempt to become pilot by a female first officer who is full of passion and vigor, and also depicts the the life and romance of pilots, passengers, technicians, air traffic controllers and those that work at airline related industry. It’s the first drama in Korea that depicts the female first office co-pilot.


Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airliner who gets saddled with a new co-pilot, Han Da Jin, in her attempts to become a pilot. Kang Dong Soo is an air traffic controller at Incheon International Airport with seven years of experience. The trio engages in a triangle love relationship.


Koo Hye Sun (구혜선) as Han Da Jin (한다진)
Ji Jin Hee (지진희) as Kim Yoon Sung (김윤성)
Lee Chun Hee (이천희) as Kang Dong Soo (강동수)
Yoo Sun (유선) as Choi Ji Won (최지원)
Clara Lee Sung Min (클라라 이성민) as Hong Mi Joo (홍미주)
Kim Chang Wan (김창완) as Han Gyu Pil (한규필)
Lee Hwi Hyang (이휘향) as Yang Mi Hye (양미혜)
Lee Ah Hyun (이아현) as Yang Mal Ja (양말자)
Lim Seong Eon (임성언) as Jang Min Ah (장민아)
Jo Hyung Ki (조형기) as Kang Pal Bong (강팔봉)
Choi Il Hwa (최일화) as Hong In Tae (홍인태)
Seo In Suk (서인석) as Hong Myung Jin (홍명진)
Joo Sung Min (주성민) as Heo Jae Soo (허재수)
Ha Joo Hee (하주희) as Lee Joo Ri (이주리)
Kang Nam Gil (강남길) as Choi Dal Ho (최달호)
Kim Jin Geun (김진근) as flight director (운항팀장)
Sean Richard (션 리차드) as James (제임스)
Park Jae Rang (박재랑) as Jo Wan Joon (조완준)
Yoon Jeong (윤정) as Choi Min-sook (최민숙)
Kil So Won (길소원) as Han Da Yeon (한다연)
Lee Saet Byul (이샛별) as Cha Geum Hee
Jung Gyu Woon (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Joo Dong-min (주동민), Hong Sung Chang (홍성창)
Screenwriter: Jung Na-myung (정나명), Lee Jae-yeon (이재연)

Synopsis by Summary

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

DateEpisodeNationwide (TNS)Seoul (TNS)Nationwide (AGB)Seoul (AGB)
4 January 2012110.0 (16th)10.9 (13th)9.210.2 (20th)
5 January 2012210.1 (17th)11.2 (13th)10.5 (17th)11.3 (17th)
11 January 2012310.7 (12th)12.1 (10th)9.4 (17th)9.9 (18th)
12 January 2012410.6 (17th)11.8 (13th)9.4 (19th)10.6 (20th)
18 January 201259.9 (13th)11.4 (10th)9.6 (20th)10.2 (17th)
19 January 2012610.3 (18th)10.8 (17th)9.4 (20th)9.2 (20th)
25 January 201278.19.5 (13th)7.17.7
26 January 201289.1 (19th)9.9 (11th)8.59.4
1 February 201297.18.2 (19th)7.89.2
2 February 2012108.29.9 (17th)7.58.6
8 February 2012118.410.0 (19th)7.38.7
9 February 2012127.59.1 (20th)6.57.5
15 February 2012138.09.9 (17th)6.37.6
16 February 2012147.19.4 (19th)6.58.0
22 February 2012155.
23 February 2012166.
1 March 2012175.
7 March 2012188.6 (19th)10.5 (12th)7.27.9
8 March 201219 (9:55pm)12.1 (10th)13.9 (6th)11.1 (15th)11.3 (15th)
8 March 201220 (11:15pm)9.811.8 (10th)9.29.8

Source: AGB Nielson and TNmS


  • Part of the setting of the drama is in Australia. The location shoots filming in Australia started from November 3rd, 2011.

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