In the episode 4 of SBS Friday drama The Musical, Koo Hye Sun will perform a sexy yet adorable dance which would bring impact to the idol groups.

In the scene, Go Eun Bi (played by Ku Hye Sun) is auditioning for a musical play directed and composed by Goo Jak and Hong Jae respectively, which is named as “Fox of Cheongdam-dong.”

Although Hong Jae Yi (played by Daniel Choi) has already selected Eun Bi as the leading actress for the musical, Eun Bi insisting on participating in audition event, to get the role fair and square. As such, the “Fox of Cheongdam-dong” holds a public audition.

Although the scene forms just a short part in the drama, Gu Hye Sun has been practiced diligently for scene before the actual filming. On the day of the actual filming, the performance of Hyesun was perfect.

In the first few episodes, Hye Sun had dressed more towards manly style. In upcoming episodes, Goo Hye Sun will dress differently. While she looks tomboyish, she dances sexily and adorably which is as good as female idol groups.

In addition to the eye-opener dance scene, the singing skill of Eun Bi is also improved tremendously in episode 4, surprising not only audition judges, but also Bae Kang Hee (acted by Ock Joo Hyun.