The last final episode of Special Affairs Team TEN broadcast on the night of January 13th, 2012 achieved the average rating of 3.16%, which highest momentary rating of 3.91%, breaking the highest ratings record that it made earlier. The drama has occupied the top position of ratings ranking for dramas aired on the same time slot continuously for 9 weeks, and ended gloriously and meaningfully.

The whole drama is thrilling, soul-stirring, grasping tightly the audience’s attention.

However, after the grand finale, viewers have engaged in heated discussion on the Internet overnight on who is the actual criminal suspect “F.”

Under such atmosphere, Joo Sang Wook tweeted personally on his Twitter account on the wee hour of January 14th, 2012, “Special Affairs Team TEN eventually ended. Because of filming of Feast of the Gods is ongoing, but I cannot watched the broadcast….. The ending that looking forward to, many people is curious and disconsolate. Even though I want to happily say the conclusion, but I want to tell you… that I also do not know who is ‘F!’ I’m so curious!! Oh!”

“Perhaps ‘F’ is the characters we know about? Or may be ‘F’ is a woman? Many fans are very tangled and depressed, so I really feel very sorry, ^ ^ it’s late at night… ease of mind… sleep ~ ^ – ^”