The hug scene of Lee Dong Wook with Lee Si Young and Jessica is stirring ardent desire for love of female viewers.

In the episode 7 of KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama Wild Romance broadcast on January 25th, 2012, because of involvement in the hostess violent incident, Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) falls into a crisis of his career. Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) comes out to find Moo Yul who hides himself, and eventually found him in a small template in the mountain. Moo Yul looks at Eun Jae who is tired physically and mentally during the period, he feels sorry, and hugs her from behind, the scene is very warm.

“It’s not sudden,” said Moo Yul, and expressed sincerely “Thank you!” sincerely to Eun Jae, letting her to feel sad and grievance. The scene of carrying Eun Jae who is sick to the store letting the viewers who support their love to be excited.

However, the happiness of Eun Jae does not last long. In order to save Moo Yul, his ex-lover Jong Hee (Jessica) finally debuted. At the small party that celebrates Moo Yul can continue his baseball player career, the ex-lover Jong Hee who can’t forget Moo Yul re-appear.

Once appeared, Jong Hee is using the sticky offensive of “sloth bear hug,” showing her unchanged love. Eun Jae sees the scene of Moo Yul lover hugging with Jong Hee, almost cries out.

One side is a warm embrace, another one side is a offensive “sloth bear hug,” triggeing the love triangle that officially starting in Wild Romance. Who is the heroine that occupies the hearts of Moo Yul is really annoying the heartstrings.

via Joynews24