Lee Dong Wook & Jessica Romantic Wine Kiss

In episode 9 of KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama series Wild Romance, Lee Dong Wook who plays the role of Moo Yul and Girls Generation member Jessica who plays the role of Dong Hee are staging a romantic kiss scene, State television Mizuki KBS 2TV drama “violent romance” 9 concentration, triggering heated discussion.

In the drama, Moo Yul is momentarily confused by the confession of Eun Jae (played by Lee Si Young), but he eventually confirms his love to ex-girlfriend Jong Hee. Moo Yul and Jong Hee drink red wine while recalling the past memories. When Jong Hee asks Moo Yul if he ever thought of giving up baseball, Moo Yul answers, “Used to think about it only once, when breaking up with you,” letting Jong Hee excited. After confirming the love towards each other, Jong Hee leans on the shoulders of Moo Yul, and Moo Yul kisses Jong Hee, staging a romantic wine kiss.

On the contrary, Eun Jae who confesses to Moo Yul looks at them becoming lover again, shedding tears sadly. Since then, how will the relationship between Lee Dong Wook, Jessica and Lee Si Young develop is getting more anticipation and concern from viewers.

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