On February 22th, 2012, KBS 2TV drama series Wild Romance made public the stils of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young kissing.

In the episode 14, because of sudden appearance of ex-puppy lover of Mu Yeol (Lee Dong Wook), Jong Hee (Jessica), the romance relationship of Mu Yeol and Eun Jae (Lee Shi Young) is facing crisis again. But after Mu Yeol confesses sincerely to Eun Jae, their love is rapidly warming to become a sweet couple. The audience very much looking forward to the kiss scene by them, but on several occasions in the drama when they are trying to kiss, the kiss does not materialize because of disturbance by others.

In the stills published this round, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young are wearing baseball gloves in their hand, so it can be speculated that they’re playing baseball. Lee Dong Wook kneels on the ground, lifting up the face of Lee Si Young gently, and kisses her passionately, making people both envy and moved.

With only two episodes remaining, the plot of Wild Romance has become even more tension and exciting.

via TVDaily