Si Young and Si Won Box and Cry

Lee Si Young and Choi Si Won Love Line to Start

In the sixth episode of Poseidon aired on October 4th 2011, the relationship between Soo-yoon (Lee Si-young) and Seon-woo (Choi Si-won) is getting closer because of boxing training, as Si Young no longer able to control her emotions and hold back her tears during the boxing match.

After knowing that his father actually went missing during the smuggling to China after receiving a large amount of money from black society, Si Young is furious and resentful on the wrongful act of his father who was the leader of the Coast Guard. At this time, Kim Seon-woo requested a boxing match with Soo-yoon.

Kim Sun Woo said provocatively, “are you afraid?” Soo-yoon said, “I’m not in the mood to box. You could die if you box with me right now”. In the end, both of them stand in the ring and have a fierce battle. In the end, Soo-yoon who usually exercises when she is downbeat just put herself into the arm of Sun Woo and started to cry.

Si Young and Si Won Box and Cry

Sun Woo consoled her and Si Young’s spirit became better. Si Young also noticed an unreal text message and missed call alert, knowing that he is caring about her, and is moved. Later they went to a BBQ restaurant, and started to talk friendlily, and relationship is getting closer. When Si Young heard Sun Woo wanted to order more wine, she said, “When I drank I will go to sleep in penthouse, can you afford it?”

Viewers commented that, “I can’t wait for their romance,” “She’s like the boxing champion that deals with her relationships as roughly as she boxes,” “Very curious how Sun Woo going to make her loves him,” and more.

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