Lee Si Young Bets Rooftop Prince Will Victorious Over King 2Hearts

On March 29th, 2012, actress Lee Si Young published a post with the title of “Can say so?” on DC Inside for Wild Romance online community forum.

Lee Si Young said, “Recently, I am watching the SBS drama Rooftop Prince, I am completely into it. I watch it over and over again. It’s really fun. Precisely because that the drama is too interesting. There’s so much I want to say, watching the recent TV series I feel very envious, very pity and very anxious.”

And then Lee Si Young wrote in response to the message left by a fan, “I bet my hand that Rooftop Prince will overtake MBC’s The King 2 Hearts in terms of viewership ratings.” The bold statement attracted the attention of netizens.

Many netizens commented, “This is a very dangerous statement,” “Lee Si Young is not cautious,” and so on.

The post has been been deleted by Lee Shi Young.


8 responses to “Lee Si Young Bets Rooftop Prince Will Victorious Over King 2Hearts”

  1. sachtryp Avatar

     TNS AND AGB are the one responsible for ratings why she had involve in the ratings game. she betted on ROOFTOP PRINCE overtaking THE KING 2 HEARTS. i wonder what she will have say  what if it doesn’t happen.but in an other context we may care or not care everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.but being a celebrity she could  have been more responsible.

  2. peta Avatar

    .. RTP will likely overtake K2Hs at some stage but K2Hs overall ie. in the end will be top rating show .. as long as the scriptwriters don’t drop the ball ..   

  3. sam Avatar

    oh id love to see her eat her words and lose her hand-now that would be an appropriate headliner. and shouldn’t she  think twice dissing others with that dead animal all over her head? it looks like it’s about to sit up and beg for peanuts.

    1. Jun Avatar

      That’s a really terrible thing to say. She cut her hair short and got it permed for her drama (Wild Romance). Is it her fault that she wants to do the best she can for it? Secondly, she said nothing bad about K2H; she simply likes RP better. Have you never gotten so into a drama that you think it’s the absolute best, too?

      Shouldn’t you think twice about dissing others when you are barely able to type? Are YOU eating your words yet?

  4. Snowb3rry Avatar

    I am very agree with Lee Si Young, I can see interesting story from RoofTop Prince, and I still cant find that in King 2Hearts… ^^

  5. Cindy Avatar

    I don’t know about ratings but TK2H is the best drama for me ! I am really looking forward to episode 5 onwards.

  6. dkrvia Avatar

    I don’t really care about the ratings as so far The King 2Hearts is a really daebak drama, been a while since I watch a drama with so much depth combined with sizzling chemistry & solid acting. It may be boring for viewers who prefer light, funny drama; and obviously Lee Si Young prefer a funny drama. 

  7. xinyee Avatar

    But she won!! Rooftop Price really took over King2Hearts last week.

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