Lee Si Young Body Figure

Lee Si Young Shows Off Great Body Figure in Poseidon

Lee Si Young is showing off her great body figure against the backdrop of West Sea (Yellow Sea) in the fifth episode of KBS’s Monday-Tuesday TV series Poseidon. In the scene, Shi Young was wearing a tight outfit of blue sleeveless shirt and black that outlines her beautiful body while jogging along the coastline.

Lee Si Young plays the role of maritime police officer Soo Yoon, who exercises whenever she feels sad. As the result, there are many scenes where Si Young is engaging in boxing and jogging activities.

Lee Si Young Body Figure

The scene was shot on September 30th, 2011. Even the weather was a little cold, Si Young had actively jogged continuously for two hours to shoot the scene on different background. But Si Young who regularly exercise via boxing and swimming managed to film the scene without appeared exhausted. Lee Si Young said, “I’m acting, at the same time lose weight and being healthy. It’s like killing three birds with one stone.”

Lee Si Young in Tight Outfit

The production company said, “Lee Si Young was performing passionately and making the series more enjoyable.”

Lee Si Young Jog

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