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Lee Si Young’s Heart is Not Calm as Wild Romance is Ending

Actress Lee Si Young is full of special feelings for KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama series Wild Romance which is ending in 2 weeks.

In the plot of Wild Romance with only 4 episodes left, Mu Yeol will come to realize the truth and face his love for Eun Jae, also letting the plot to become more tense. In the drama, Lee Si Young is portraying perfectly the charm of tough and lovely Eun Jae, and is critically acclaimed.

Early in the morning on February 13th, 2012, Lee Si Young wrote on her mini homepage, expressing the sentiment of pity on the TV series that is ending. She said, “When thinking of Eun Jae of next week, the mood gets uncalm. The script which is received every week will no longer be available at once.”

And she wrote with emotion, “My friend Dong Ah… father… my brother Chang Ho, and the representative Keven Jang who will feel lonely without me, and the strong brother Dong Soo… Soo Young, my good friend Woo Young… and also Mu Yeol. After 10 more days, we can no longer see each others. Want to be the Eun Jae in the script who is laughing and crying. But, I really feel that I can’t let go of Eun Jae.”

Then, Lee Si Young continued, “Although during this period did not receive a lot of work, but every time is very relaxing, but this time is very strange. Really feel the sadness that have not been felt for a long time. In the remaining time, must look with all strength at all of Mu Yeol, Dong Ah, Tae Han, Keven Jang, Dong Soo, Soo Young, Woo Young, and then remember at heart. Especially is Yoo Eun Jae, must remember Eun Jae. Because has put in too much emotion.”

Wild Romance

Finally, she said, “After remembering all of these in my heart completely, from tomorrow will shoot with more efforts and more happiness. Cheer Wild Romance! Yoo Eun Jae… for the everyone who loves the Wild Romance, will strive to become and achieve the dream of Eun Jae.”

The fans have also expressed their support and will always remember Eun Jae.

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7 responses to “Lee Si Young’s Heart is Not Calm as Wild Romance is Ending”

  1. rosa Avatar

    Wow! Am very curious what will happened for last 4 episodes….hope happy ending…..keep up the good work LSY!

  2. Denise Smith Avatar

    i hope it can be extended for 4 more eps for 20 eps that would be nice

  3. iluv1n2d Avatar

    OMG is she going to die in the end? why so sad? lol omg the love in this developed so late! 

    1. rosa Avatar

      From the above article I don’t think so, LSY only expressed what she felt leaving EJ character since WR will end soon, it look like she really put her heart as EJ

  4. Chbarrybb Avatar

    hi SY

    Really luv ur wild laughter. Great romcom

  5. Dreamtheat_aylz Avatar

    hope they extend the episodes… till ep20.. that would be more exciting.. ow anyone knows where i can watch episode 13 english sub?? pls pls pls. thanks alot!!!

  6. dorsky Avatar

    If its any consolation to Ms. Lee Si Young, i’ m from the philippines, i spent the whole two months watching WILD ROMANCE at the wee hours of the morning mostly 2 AM, after it was aired in korea.
    after that i still have to go to work at 8 AM til 5PM. I and my office mates do this every Thursday and Friday mornings  without let up.  We enjoyed watching this drama, we have grown to love it actually. Ms. Lee Si Young is by far, the most versatile korean actress i have ever seen.  she is so dedicated and very competent actress. we will also terribly miss PMY and EJ.  In fact when we’re at the last four episodes, we are already having separation anxiety because we so badly not want to see this end.  It is a wonderful experience watching two beautiful actors blending together so perfectly.  Thank you Ms. Lee Si Young, i hope to see you and Mr. Lee Dong Wook in another project, i will also watched out for  your individual project in the future, i salute you and cheers to WILD ROMANCE, despite the rating, it is truly a great watch.

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