Information and description of characters and roles in Lethal Move Korean drama:

Jong-man (played by Im Won-hee)

A Kari father who sent the family to the Philippines. Detective who is honest but know how to fight and struggle in middle school. Send money to family members after subtracting the rent for the house which he lives together with Byeong-deok.

Byeong-deok (played by Jeong Man-sik)

Former professional wrestler and a director of a gym with almost no members. A Kari father who sent the family to the United States of America. Stays together with Jong-man as co-tenant in the house.

Yeong-se (acted by Sin Da-eun)

Domestic helper for Byeong-deok. In addition, do various part-time jobs.

Eun-se (acted by Kim Doo-yool)

Brother of Yeong-se.