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Drama Title: Lethal Move
Korean Title: 필살기
Revised Romanization: Pilsalgi
Chinese Name: 杀手锏
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Episodes: 1
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: October 2 2011
Air Time: Sunday 23:25 PM

Preceded by: Human Casino
Followed by: Terminal

Plot Summary / Synopsis

Detective Jong-man and former wrestler Byeong-deok. The two fathers are away from their family and are living together under one roof due to financial difficulties to cut down on living expenses. Lacking confidence as he can’t really fight, Jong-man decides to learn some wrestling from Byeong-duk. Then the two jump into a dangerous case with Byeong-deok’s housekeeper.


Im Won-hee (임원희) as Jong-man (종만)
Jeong Man-sik (정만식) as Byeong-deok (병덕)
Sin Da-eun (신다은) as Yeong-se (영세)
Kim Doo-yool (김두율) as Eun-se (은세)

Lethal Move Characters Description

Production Credits

Directed: Kim Sang-hwi (김상휘)
Screenplay Writer: Ahn Hong-ran (안홍란)


  • The drama is 39th part of KBS “Drama Special” miniseries.

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